New website and kangaroo abundance

If you’re reading this post then you’ve already found our new website! Welcome! The entire website has been overhauled with a fresh new look, and we’ve also modernised our logo. Our new tagline “Knowledge | Results | Data” sums up what we do at Proteus in three simple words. We’ve also added some video clips for you to get to know us better instead of just reading the text we’ve written, and we will be adding more videos over time. Feel free to explore the site and find out more about Proteus. We’re still in the process of updating the content of some pages, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share the new site with you!

A huge thanks to the team at Myth for all your advice and hard work in updating the site!


Since 2014 Proteus has been working with Parks Victoria (Australia; PV) to supply them with estimates of kangaroo density in national parks in north-western Victoria, as part of their Total Grazing Management Programme. Each year, PV have conducted ground and helicopter-based aerial transect surveys for kangaroos, with only one survey method used in each area for which density estimates were required. When a group was sighted, the species and size of the group was recorded. For ground-based surveys, the distance and direction to each group was also recorded, while for the aerial surveys, sightings were assigned to categories of distance from the transect line.

We analysed the data using distance sampling methods to obtain the density estimates, while allowing for possible differences in how detection probability (i.e., probability of sighting a group of kangaroos) varied by distance from the transect, differed in each national park and by species.

Unfortunately we can’t share the results with you, but this what we’ve been up to this month!