Workshops galore!

Since our last update, Darryl has spent most of his time globe trotting, running workshops in Australia and the USA.

At the end of September Darryl traveled to Newcastle, Australia, where he taught a 4.5-day introductory occupancy modelling course, then a 4.5-day advanced occupancy modelling course the following week. These were the first occupancy modelling courses that Darryl has taught in eastern Australia in quite a few years, and judging by the response and comments received, he'll return at some stage in 2019.

After returning back to New Zealand for a week (to do his laundry), it was back on a plane for Darryl, travelling to Blacksburg (Virginia, USA) for two more weeks of teaching occupancy modelling short courses. He has just finished teaching the introductory course, and will be teaching the advanced course this coming week (22-26 Oct 2018). He's certainly looking forward to stay in one time for more than a few weeks once he's back in New Zealand!

In honour of all this globe trotting, Darryl has put together a map of all the cities where he has taught an occupancy modelling course, and sometimes he's taught in the same city multiple times. He's memory isn't perfect, so detection is less than 1!

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